1. The gaze. 2020
Canvas. Oil. 50 by 35
2. Yes-no. 2020
Canvas. Oil. 90 by 120. The work consists of two parts separated by an LED strip
3. A woman in labor. 1998
Canvas. Oil. 80 by 60.
I really wanted love, happiness, children and family by the certain age. That's how this picture came to be. For some reason I thought back then that summer, warmth, sun, meadows, grass, flowers - all about love. And I saw a beautiful woman, I saw a baby that she had and that was my son or daughter. That's how everything in me responded, and there was a "transfer" to the canvas. I love this picture very much. Firstly, this is one of my early works, and everyone who looks at it says: "WOW - this is a masterpiece!" It's certainly about happiness and about love. This is probably the best assessment of the work of the artist.
4. Anna. 2020
Canvas. Oil. 40 by 60.
My friend really wants to be happy. She deserved it. However, all the time, some circumstances or conditions, or something inside of her just does not work. On the one hand, everything ahead of her is foggy. She looks into some kind of crack, into the hole of a fallen knot and everything restricts her there. On the other hand, she sees this whole wide world. This double standard does not allow her to find harmony. It's kind of a division. I want her to be happy.
5. Where childhood goes. 2021
Canvas. Oil. 200 by 150.
Complicated painting for me. A lot of feelings and meanings are put in it. The gray background, as if with whirlwinds, is like our adult life, which consists of the words: must, should, has to. Everything is monotonous and gray. Woke up, went to work, went home. Woke up, went to work, went home. The feeling that we were truly happy in childhood. So, this girl with a toy, she goes through the door from this gray life, and behind this door there are blue sky, happiness, warmth, young dad and mom ... She lacks a puzzle in her head. Because, in fact, this door does not exist. This is imagined. We can get closer to painting and see through this girl, as if through her head, the space of happiness. It never ends. Sometimes we don't even stop being children, we just need to open the doors to heaven more often and everything will be fine.
6. He and she. 2020
Холст. Масло. 40 на 50.
You stand in front of a blank canvas - you look. The desire to apply paint is huge. You don't understand what you want to portray. Take your brush and brush across the canvas. First a line, then several. The colors are starting to play. And in the process, images appear. Here he is, here she is. Something happens between them, some kind of tenderness, some kind of beginning of a beautiful, long relationship. It is not yet clear whether they are a couple or will be a couple. Slowly, the work takes on itself, and you already think - it's great when people meet and it's good when they get on the canvas. And then it turns out, when you finished the work, that you painted a young man and a beauty who you have known for a long time. That's how the subconscious works. That's the power of art and love.
7. Olga. 2020
Oil. Canvas. 60 by 40.
Important painting. For at least two reasons. The first one - this is my first portrait. The second one – this is my love. I look at this work, but it is not a painting, a canvas, paints. I see Olga. I don't see this painting. I see my love. It's definitely something personal, it's definitely mine. And it seems to me that everyone has something, not necessarily a picture, for example, a father's or grandfather's watch, grandmother's earrings, favorite slippers of a loved one, and looking at these items, we fall into thoughts of our beloved or dear person. I look at Olga and it feels good.
8. Туристы или Экспедиция. 2014
Canvas. Oil. 35 by 50
When we were in school, we went on camping. Tourists group "Motherland". It was a wonderful time. I continued camping, and now we travel a lot by car. I never cease to be amazed at how beautiful Motherland is! Having been abroad, where there is also a lot to see, I still admire our nature, its diversity and wonders. Much can be said about this. Looking at this painting from the side, I see how we are walking through the snow with a crust, it is already February or March, when the sun is not warm yet, but it is so bright and it's reflecting from the snow. Fatigue, because you are in winter clothes, and the snow is holding you with this crust. You don't fall through, but you're just waiting, now I'll fall knee-deep, but no, it holds you, and you carefully walk along the crust. You are still far, far, far away ... All thoughts are about something distant, so as not to feel tired, hungry. You can go like this for a long time. There is a group of tourists, among which I see myself. We are in the open, a huge sun shines on us, we have gone part of the way, but we still have much of it left. It's like in life: we go through some, but we still have to go further, and carry our burden.
9. Nerves 2021
Oil. Plywood. Rope. 120 by 60
Our nerves, our muscle tendons, they are always tense. We are always on edge: a lot of bad news, a lot of work, a lot of care, a lot of worries. Our nerves are like ropes, dense, intertwined, stretched. An insulting word thrown at us, or a passing car splashed water, or the last bottle of beer drank by someone else - and your nerves give up! It works like a blade on the nerves, they stretch and tear. All the pain and anger are in these torn nerves. The nervous system is very, very subtle matter. Let's love and protect each other.
10. Red Stallion. 2021
Canvas. Oil. 50 to 70
I have always admired sunsets. There is such a fantasy - the road goes towards sunset, I drive a car, admire the landscape, look at the sunset. I associate it with red. Then the stallion was born and just knew how to walk and galloped. Everything is in a red sunset, the earth from the sunset is also red, the stallion shimmers in its reflections. Everything is red, proving life itself, all its power, the desire to live. This is a strong color, and I wanted to convey this state: blood in the veins, a stallion getting to know the world, a huge sunset sun. Everything says, this is life!

P.S.: The sun is going down, there will be another day and life does not end.

11. Count. 2021
Canvas. Oil. 60 by 50.
12. Decanter and vase. 1999
Canvas. Oil. 60 by 85.
13. Africa. Groom. 2021
Canvas. Oil. 70 to 50
Collective image, inspired by a visit to the Republic of South Africa. I have been there for a long time and brought back a mask, some beads. Since Africa is a mystery continent for me, a fantasy continent, then the groom is like this - bright, powerful, strong, decorated with attributes: horns, hair, skins. The guy is ready for exploits. That's why the groom.
14. Green explosion. 2021
Canvas. Oil. 60 by 80
I go to sleep, I close my eyes. I don't want to sleep. Then I close my eyes stronger, with pressure. Pictures begin to appear in the eyes. And here is a green explosion - this is one of my most frequent sleep pictures. Everything shimmers green, expands from a point, passes through you, arises again from a point, expands again, passes again. So, I decided to call this phenomenon "Green Explosion". Maybe someone has not green, but, to say, red or blue ... Maybe not an explosion, but swirls, peas fly apart or it snows ... Everyone is different. Here is my Green Explosion.
15. The girl on the chair. 2020
Canvas. Oil. 70 by 40.
16. Vortices. 2020
Canvas. Oil. 40 by 60.
17. Sea and sky. 2019
Canvas. Oil. 60 by 40.
18. Ega rules! 2020
Canvas. Oil. 80 by 80.
19. A girl with a cigar. 2021
Холст. Масло. 60 на 40.
20. Freezing. 2020
Canvas. Oil. 70 by 80.
21. Sasha. 2021
Canvas. Oil. 80 by 60.
22. 2020. 2020
Canvas. Oil. 50 by 70
Absolutely fast and emotional work. I explain: the name of the work is "2020.", in general, it is not difficult to guess that this is the year when COVID covered our planet, and it was personally clear to me that this COVID is a big ass that strives, you know, for some goal. Forgive me, Lord, the arrow points to it. And the goal is to get into the very ass, as they say, in 2021. Therefore, the number 21 is there. Well, the number 21 also has another meaning that corresponds to the picture. Who would have thought that this picture now, in 2022, would become similar to other events that are taking place. The ass turned out to be just huge for everyone, for the whole world. I think that in the future I'll add series with the numbers 22, 23 ... The ass will grow, respectively, and the canvases too (probably).
23. Girl with beads. 2020
Canvas. Oil. 70 by 50
I very afraid to start working on the "Girl with Beads". The name usually appears after the work is completed. There comes a feeling that the name for the work coincided. But when I started, I was very worried, because it was my second paint from life. And now the colors, poses - it was all new and difficult for me. The work has become of great value. I understood – there is no need to be afraid, no need to worry, you just need to work, just do and try, and then it will work out. Thanks to this work, I began to take on any artistic difficulties. I stopped worrying: oh, I won't succeed, oh, I don't know how, oh, I can't. Don't be afraid to create.
24. The sea is knee-deep. 2021
Canvas. Oil. 50 to 70.
25. Passion. 2019
Canvas. Oil. 50 by 35
What is passion? What is it anyway? This is an obsession with something or passion is from the word scary, or passion when you can't stop, when it absorbs you so much and you don't see anything, and you have no brakes. And this woman, either young, but in the anger of passion, or old, but still has passion in herself. It is a feeling of horror and hopelessness. An obsession that. leads a person to mental imbalance. Here is such a terrible and passionate passion.
26. Crap. 2014
Canvas. Oil. 60 by 60
"Crap" turned out to be a prophetic work. Made in 2014, when there was no COVID yet, but I already had it on the picture. I did not really understand myself what I wanted to portray. I wanted some kind of faded, dark, some kind of substance and something sticks out of it for some reason, it is so incomprehensible. You look at it, well, crap is crap. And the title fits right in. Here is such a "Crap". I thought I could paint over this work, and then somehow I forgot, it waited and waited, and then - coronavirus. That's bullshit for you! Now you won't paint it over...
27. The black dove is not the world
Canvas. Oil. 100 by 80.
28. The lantern and the first snow. 2019
Photo. 85 by 60
This photo was taken in my apartment from the balcony. Such a beautiful first snow, like sparks with a white trail. It is beautiful! And it is so beautiful because it is illuminated by a single lantern. If this lantern did not exist, if it did not shine, then this fairy tale would not exist, and these trains sparkling from the snow would not exist either. So, perhaps there is something in our life, someone that illuminates our path or our life so much that we can turn into a wonderful event, that we can leave some kind of light behind us. Maybe a mentor, teacher, parents, friends... I think everyone has their own lantern and the first snow.
29. Hero pilot. 2021
Canvas. Oil. 70 by 50
Ask a child in a kindergarten what he wants to be when he grows up. If not an astronaut, then a pilot! It's a very, very romantic profession to be a pilot. Everyone somehow dreamed of being pilots and played pilots. And films about pilots are always heroic. The romance that drives us into the profession is to be a pilot, a firefighter, a geologist. And the pilot, especially the hero, has the sky, the plane, the dream and the exploits. The eyes are blue, and there're sky and planes in them. He is a young hero, where was he, where did he come from, how did he become a hero? Here is my collective image. For me, all pilots are heroes.
30. Fisherman. 2021
Canvas. Oil. 50 bу 50
We are all fishermen or fisherwomen, absolutely! The sun is already setting, perhaps the age is already advanced, maybe the "cuckoo" has not yet flown away, and we are still thinking something about ourselves. Our boat, sent into adulthood, is already worn out, aged and heated. We are half in the water, but we still dream of catching a goldfish. Catching your dream, maybe that's what makes us human. Difficulties are difficulties, but to catch a goldfish, make a wish... Will it come true? It seems that happiness is about to come. We all want to catch happiness. Well, okay, I don't mind.
31. The Old Woman and the Apple. 2021
Canvas. Oil. 70 by 50
Symbolic work - old age and youth. Old age has no face, this biological old age comes, and you want to prolong youth. Every person has a moment when he wants to find this rejuvenating apple. Here is your answer - old age does not exist, it does not exist! Why not? Because every person has a rejuvenating apple inside, maybe even a soul, they say - young at heart or what a young soul he has. There is no oldness. Youth, it is inside of us, it is always with us, age does not exist. Therefore, this eternal confrontation is very conditional. Look for youth within yourself, it is definitely there.
32. My angel. 2021
Canvas. Oil. 200 by 150
My angel is love. My angel is my modest happiness. My angel looks like the sky and is light as a moth soaring in it. It is unusual, gentle, beautiful, flying. That's my angel! Everyone has one's own. It's good to have one and everyone has it. You just need to see it, but not to catch it, but admire it, protect it and love it.
33. MAX. 2021
Canvas. Oil. 60 by 50
International Association of Space Crazies, abbreviated as MAKS. Dedicated to all crazy romantics, to all who remain children, dreamers striving for good, for the light. To all people who look at everything from a cosmic height. They don't care about the hustle and bustle. They simply exist among us, such cosmic crazy people who bring only goodness into the world. And there is such a romantic MAKS in the world. And may such romantics have enough strength to give a piece of themselves to all of us.
34. Self-portrait with glasses. 2021
Canvas. Oil. 70 by 50.
35. Krivtsov K. in the village. 2020
Canvas. Oil. 50 by 35.
36. In the bath. 2021
Canvas. Oil. 70 by 60.
37. Fucking meeting. 2021
Canvas. Oil. 60 by 80
Yes, there are such meetings. Those who meet are measured, measured, measured. But what do they measure? As a rule, these meetings lead to a banal exhaust that does not produce results. True works, true love, true faith, true hope bring results. But such meetings when discussing who has more of something or who has better something - this is all chatter. Let's value by deeds, not by size.
38. Angels of love. 2020
Canvas. Oil. 80 by 120
When love comes, wings and flight are no longer necessary. Love itself is the height of flight, it is more wings, it is higher than the sky. And everyone who loves, who is in love - they are already angels of love, they are already in flight, they can already soar, fly when they want and where they want. This is the best thing that can happen to a person. This is what true love angels are.
39. Spring. 2019
Canvas. Oil. 80 by 50
Spring is the strongest time of the year, very emotional. Everything starts to move. This is a time of hope for happiness, for the future. All this in pink. Such red tones in warmth, these warm rays, here is the texture of such an enveloping revival of feelings, emotions. Nature blossoms, diverges with all its warmth, rays on the planet and affects everything around. Therefore, spring is associated with such words as love, new life. It's probably not just that. It's good that there is spring.
40. Valkyrie. 2021
Canvas. Oil. 70 by 50
Women are beautiful in any state, even when they are warlike, even when they are dangerous. They are always beautiful, even when on their faces there are reflections of war, experiences. Even if their gaze is so sharp, so piercingly open and dangerous at the same time. Still, they are wonderful. No matter how militant a woman is, no matter how armed she is, she still remains a woman. She must be loved. And then, we will all be consumed by love. A warrior will not, you will not have to hold an ax behind your back.
41. Damn carnival. 2021
Canvas. Acrylic. 80 by 80
If you look closely - religions, directions, system, regime, economic model ... Whatever terms you can't use, all this is like a big big circus. As if the devil is driving it all, laughing, showing us his big tongue. Well, little men, if you want money - here you go, if you want goods – take it, what else can I give you for my carnival? More masks for you! Be hypocritical, pretend, attach, throw. That's what a fucking carnival is. Looking the devil in the face, one must see neither him, but everything that he can personify. Stay away from it, be yourself. This picture is not a reflection, but only an image in colors. And we deal with it.
42. Returned. 2021
Canvas. Oil. 60 by 50
A man returned from a distant journey. Tired, stressed out. Looks. God, where did I return, why, what did I forget here? Nothing changes in human nature. He looks from the side, detachedly at everything and thinks ... I would fly myself there, somewhere in space. Why did I return? What do I need here?
43. Sunbathing (Warmed up). 2021
Canvas. Oil. 70 over 100
It's good in the countryside in summer. Who can argue with this? It's good to just lie down, hear the bees buzzing, the ducks quacking in the lake, the breeze, the sun, somewhere over the hillside running, squealing, squeaking, children, a dog barking. Everything is fine. Friends at home, relatives. Here is the house, here it is the Motherland - in these simple moments. What a happiness! What a wonderful place this is, how I love it. Well, you can sunbathe too.
44. White Sea. 2021
Canvas. Oil. 70 by 50
The beaches of the White Sea are stunningly beautiful. Sand. Water. Yes, sometimes it's cool, and sometimes it's so hot that you can't even get out of the water, take my word for it. And this is such a strong place that you always want to return there. Those who have been to the White Sea will agree with me 100%. And this is our country. Our Russia. She is beautiful. I can't convey in the picture all the beauty of the White Sea, it's better to come and admire with your own eyes.
45. Art is accessible to everyone, but not everyone understands. 2021
Canvas. Oil. 60 by 80.
This is very, very, very serious work! I consider it one of the best works. Color and non-color will always oppose each other, and at the same time will be allies. There is good, evil, good and bad, and so on. Yin- Yang. You have to peer into art and find what it reflects inside you. There is strength in this. Look into yourself, see black and white, color and colorless. Together, this is the great power of Art.
46. Albino. 2021
Canvas. Oil. 60 by 80
I saw a photo of an Albino Deer. I was flipping through something on the Internet and came across it, and it struck me. And this was born. The Albino Deer is white, faded, has pinkish-red eyes, with pink tints to the antler. He's not so colorful, is he? Around are nature, paint, herbs, berries, trees, sky. And he, as if emptiness among this, as if a white spot, as if he was not there. But there's he. And he's handsome. He is simply insanely beautiful. And it's very difficult for him. He is not like everyone else. And now he is so white among these colors, not like everyone else. Single.
47. Ivan-tea. 2021
Холст. Масло. 60 на 90
Who has been to the Russian north, both in the middle lane and in Siberia, and seen the fields of Ivan-tea? Red sea. Red Sea fields of Ivan-tea. That's very beautiful! It's wonderful! There are all shades of red. And all this with a blue-blue endless sky with clouds! And when the wind sways Ivan-tea, it is really the sea, where the waves shimmer with colors. You can watch this for hours, you can't take your eyes off it. Unfortunately, I can't convey all this beauty. You just have to see. Perhaps the paintings exist for this, to move us towards this natural, real beauty, which nature is infinitely rich in.
48. You can't turn left. 2021
Canvas. Oil. 80 by 60.
This is a series of paintings about limitations. We have been restricted since childhood. And we are told: this is impossible, that is impossible, and this is also impossible. These are the frames that establish morality, laws, form our behavior. Looked at it like a joke. Many things are impossible, many things are possible. You can't skip it, but there, you see, you can.
49. You can't come here. 2021
Canvas. Oil. 50 to 70.
This is a series of paintings about limitations. We have been restricted since childhood. And we are told: this is impossible, that is impossible, and this is also impossible. These are the frames that establish morality, laws, form our behavior. Looked at it like a joke. Many things are impossible, many things are possible. You can't skip it, but there, you see, you can.
50. No options. 2021
Canvas. Oil. 50 to 70
This is a series of paintings about limitations. We have been restricted since childhood. And we are told: this is impossible, that is impossible, and this is also impossible. These are the frames that establish morality, laws, form our behavior. Looked at it like a joke. Many things are impossible, many things are possible. You can't skip it, but there, you see, you can.
51. A lady with a dog. 1999
Canvas. Oil. 70 by 50.
52. ... I stayed. 2021
Canvas. Oil. 60 by 50
Such an image. The circus left, the clown stayed. In this case, "I stayed." The show is over. The audience is gone. The work is done. Why is it so sad? After all, he seemed to be standing some time ago, amusing the audience, everyone laughed and applauded. He was cheerful and joyful. And it's all over. I stayed. And, probably, only memories, the memory of something that happened just recently remains. Something, but "I stayed."
53. Do not whistle. 2021
Canvas. Oil. 60 by 40
I have a girlfriend. Eva Edvinovna. She doesn't know how to whistle at all, really. She really wanted to learn. And she tried so hard, she tried so hard, she put so much effort into it! But she hasn't learned yet. But everything is in her hands. She'll certainly learn how to whistle! And she tortured me so much with her training, once, in our cheerful company, when she learned to whistle. "Eve Edvina, don't whistle!" Do not whistle, but if you really want something real, you can. It will definitely work. Patience, hard work, everything will work out.
54. Drink in St. Petersburg. 2020
Canvas. Oil. 70 by 50.
Oh, there was such a story. We went to St. Petersburg in the summer, and in the evening we ran into a bar. How we partied there, I must say, how much was drunk, and how we danced! We were just gods! Therefore, the colors are such, the shadows. I don't know, maybe the bar was like that, maybe the vision has changed from everything that was drunk. I was in such a rage of happiness, danced, got drunk. It was good and fun! Therefore, as one well-known comrade said: "Drink in St. Petersburg!" Well, after that, you can give birth to such a work.
55. Welcome to the North. 2021
Canvas. Oil. 80 by 60
Welcome to the North! We visited the Snow Show in Nizhny Novgorod. It's always good after this performance, which I have seen more than once. We decided that we also want to do this, and we did it. It was a wonderful show that we put on in a village on the White Sea. Everyone dressed up as clowns, inflated balloons, changed clothes, put on makeup. It was an amazing holiday! And the next day I was left with balls. I went to the seashore, I thought - we must share this joy. Welcome to the North!
56. Three by the sea. 2021
Canvas. Oil. 60 by 80
It's good to have friends, that's for sure. And it's good when you're with friends by the sea too, no doubt. And it's good when you are by the sea, where there is no one but you and your friends. It's great too. Nobody interferes, you can run naked back and forth, rage, talk, smoke cigars, drink delicious drinks, have philosophical conversations, yell songs. Nobody will stop you. But still, the most valuable thing in here is being with friends. It's good to have friends.
57. Nun. 2021
Canvas. Oil. 60 by 50
Let's just say the title is ambiguous. Why is it a nun? Where did nuns come from? I thought - who is without sin? Who ever, as they say, did not fuck up. Different things happen. And now, a beautiful, beautiful girl, with such a mockery, a smile, closed her eyes and remembers. Oh, what she just does not remember. How sweet (perhaps) her memories are. And who is this nun at her heart? Or still that one: beautiful, sexy, desirable. I don't know. I don't have an answer.
58. Cemetery. 2021
Canvas. Oil. 80 by 120
A friend died. December. Krasnoyarsk. Cold. Cemetery. It made an indelible impression on me, such that I even decided to create this work. Imagine: an endless cemetery, along which roads are laid, cars drive. That's how huge it is. It has no trees or bushes. Constant wind. Hills and from them a panorama of the city opens. From the place where he was buried, his house is visible. There in the city, in the center. And many, many more empty places for burial. And it is not clear whether it is a cemetery, the part of the city or part of life. Whether we are already at the cemetery, whether we are looking at the cemetery or at the city there, as a potential supplier of those who will then move to this part of the city. To this other part, afterlife other life, (I don't know). And this road... it leads either to the city from the cemetery, or from the city to the cemetery. Moreover, it (this place), the cemetery and the city, it is, as it were, a single whole. Along the edges of the road are slabs and empty seats that are waiting.
59. Cage. 2021/2022
Canvas. Oil. 70 by 60
No, it's not a bird in a cage. We are all in a cage, in a golden cage. We are looking from the cage at the bird of happiness. We really want to catch her. And we are in a cage, in a golden cage. We came up with a golden cage ourselves. We build it all our lives and sit in it and enjoy. What kind of houses, apartments, cars, work do we have. Is there happiness in this? Maybe it's there behind this cage that we invented for ourselves. Maybe it's time to leave? And you don't have to catch a bird. We ourselves will be like birds there, behind a cage.
60. The Girl and the Plane. 2021
Canvas. Oil. 40 by 60
She is so beautiful, wonderful. Lies relaxed on the ball. There flies the plane in the sky, so white, silvery, beautiful. There are people. And she is so beautiful here on earth. They are still there in the sky. And she lies like that, watches how it flies, and will remain lying, so beautiful, peaceful. She thinks about something, for example, about this plane, and there are people also thinking about something, they are in a hurry somewhere, they fly somewhere on business or on vacation, on a business trip. Maybe to visit relatives, anywhere, they just move around. But the girl stayed. And the plane will fly by in a moment. Maybe beauty is such moments that we collect. Let it be.
61. The Lady in the Hat. 2022
Canvas. Oil. 80 by 70
I have a prototype of this lady. Of course, she does not look like that, but female beauty, it is everywhere, it is in everything. You just have to look at it. I really wanted in this work to play with forms, with colors, and at the same time to get a bright image. I personally think it worked. Someone will see something of their own, that's great too. Maybe someone else recognizes someone else in this image, that's cool too. In general, my figurative work turned out, and I am sincerely satisfied with it.
62. Trio. 2021
Canvas. Oil. 60 by 80
What can I say - they feel good there now without us, on the one hand, and on the other hand, they feel bad without us. So let them be happy. Let them enjoy, and we will return to them anyway. Because we love them. Where are we going without them? Without our beautiful women, without love, without happiness, nowhere (as the song says). Therefore, just a beautiful bright work.
63. The Banana Prince. 2021/2022
Canvas. Oil. 80 by 60
Wordplay. Here is the prince. Here he is Banana Prince. Banana prince. Everything in his kingdom is based on bananas, and income is on bananas, and the gross product is a banana. And on the uniform, the button has bananas pictured, and on shoulder straps there are bananas, and in the eyes there are bananas, and on the cockade there are bananas, and he is all like that, the Prince of Bananas. A simple Prince in a distant fictional country, where there are many, many bananas. Do you know that the banana contains the Happiness enzyme, and bananas are very useful? They must be eaten! It's good that there are a lot of bananas and they are in any store. So thanks to the Banana Prince.
64. Just fire. 2022
Canvas. Oil. 70 by 60
I love bath. Many people love baths. I have been taking baths for a long time. I think you need to take a bath. Bath is a sacred place. Sometimes it's so hot in the bathhouse, so steamy! Coals and flames shimmer beautifully in the oven, which is just fire! The flaming state of the body occurs from this. As if the wings are made of fire, and you are like the devil, the fire is reflected in the eyes. Then you go to the cold font, oh! Good! Here is such an image of the "man of fire" in the bath.
65. With horns and in a coat. 2021
Canvas. Oil. 90 by 70
Sometimes you look at a person, and he has horns, and he is wearing a hat. He takes off his hat and there are no horns. And it happens the other way around, there is a man in a hat and no horns. He takes off his hat - there are horns. Here is such a metamorphosis. And a person understands that his horns stick out. Well, they stick out not from him, but from a hat, and not from a head. And it's good for him that, like this - think what you want, they say they have horns, but in fact they don't exist.
66. On vacation. 2022
Canvas. Oil. 70 by 50
You are sometimes on vacation and you notice that you are changing, relaxing, doing crazy things. For example: you take the skin from some exotic fruit and put it on your head. You smile sweetly, so tanned, it's hot. Somewhere, say, in the Seychelles or in the Maldives or somewhere else. And you obviously have a little bit of morning beer in you. In the evening, perhaps, there will be a cigar and a glass of whiskey, and maybe rum. And you can play volleyball and play the fool, and sing songs, and watch good films. And that's easy. On vacation, we all become little children, or something, madmen, ready for such "small" feats of vacationers: jumping with cries of "Hurrah" into the pool with someone. Or who will swim over whom, or bury me in the sand. In general, you need to rest. You definitely need to rest.
67. How tired I am!. 2021
Canvas. Oil. 120 by 100
Room. Stool. Somewhere there is the sky, the sun. A beautiful person is sitting. The wings are still small. So I want to fly, so I want to soar. And around there is vanity, business, work, errands. Everyone, probably, experienced such a feeling - My God, how tired I am, or how I'm tired of everything, even thinking about shooting yourself. And you cover your face with your hands, your head drops from fatigue. And she thinks: "Now I'll get a gun and bang, bang, bang all these problems! My God, I'm tired of all this." This feeling. These are emotions. It happens.
68. Bloom. 2022
Canvas. Oil. 100 by 120
For example, loneliness. The field, the sky, there is a lonely tree. You look at it - here one grows. Why one? Why in the middle of the field? Is there a mystery here? Why not in the forest along with the rest of the trees? Not even bushes around. Among the grass in the field there is a tree. Well, let it be. Blooms with luxuriant flowers in spring. And so beautiful! This tree doesn't give a damn about your thoughts. Alone it or not. Lives its own life. In autumn, the leaves fall off, in spring it's covered with flowers, in winter it stands beautifully in the snow, in summer it gives shade. You can lean on it and relax. Is this loneliness?
69. The nature of passion. 2021
Canvas. Oil. 60 by 50.
When passion, love, desire arise between two, they intertwine with their colors, bright ribbons. They begin to exchange these colors and signs. They add something to each other, as if they are about to kiss, and then they will turn into a cycle of emotions, colors, into something united, something beautiful, even more confused. Maybe the point is that, finding our soul mate in this crazy world, we turn into colors and acquire harmony.
70. Men Fly Away. 2022
Canvas. Oil. 50 over 100
It seems that Men, well, in general on the planet, lately, somehow under the pressure of incomprehensible cultures, have become smaller, somehow turned pale. I will not rate this. I see how real men fight in flocks, heaps. It is difficult for them, they are, as it were, in the minority, and fly away somewhere in flocks to a wonderful male country. In this country, they feel truly needed and in demand, where a man is a man, and a woman is a woman. Well, we know where they live. And we know where they go. Here they are. Here. Side by side.
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71. Against the Darkness. 2021
Canvas. Oil. 120 by 80.
Light. It is always against darkness, darkness is always against light. I think the light will win. And it is worth the effort, the struggle, the will. We are trying very hard to have more light. We stand against darkness. We do not let it cover us or the earth. I hope so, I believe in it.
72. Flowers and fruits. 2021
Canvas. Oil. 100 by 120.
There is nothing special here. Just flowers, just fruits, just on the table. Such a simple classic. Still life painting. Extremely naive, with the absence of any artistic delights. For some reason, I just took it and did it. I thought, suddenly, a good interior work, which could well be a decoration in a village house or a dining room. Very nice and written by me from the heart. Here is a still life.
73. Autumn. October. 2021
Canvas. Oil. 100 by 120.
October is my favorite month. Not by surname, but in essence, in meaning. If you think and delve into distant history, this is the first month of the new year. Well, yes, the old style. In a very old style. October is a very strong month for me. Colors of October, leaf fall, hoarfrost, first snow, first frosts. It's so strong! It's such a nature! If you listen to it, look closely, you can find a lot of answers and get a huge boost of energy. October for me is a month when a lot of thoughts come, high efficiency. There is hope for next spring. Love autumn.
74. The position of the yellow dog on the written. 2022
Canvas. Oil. 100 by 120.
What can be said about this work? Basically nothing. On the other hand, a lot. Well, the inscriptions on the fence, who hasn't seen them? Well, dogs. Well, yellow. Well, they do their business at the fence. They, the dogs, do not care what is written there, by whom it is scrawled, who left what trace on earth. The dog does its job, smiles. Here is her position. We are trying here, we are inventing something, we are twisting some thoughts. What about dogs? Yes, everything is fine! It's not that it doesn't have thoughts, maybe it does, even, most likely. Well, what can it say about us - fools.
75. Patterns. 1997/1998
Paper. Mascara. 40 by 30.
Paper, ink. The work is interesting for its history. Once, in my youth, I worked and attended meetings and negotiations. There was sometimes such a melancholy at these meetings and negotiations! You take a piece of paper, pretend to write down, and you yourself think about something, fly away somewhere. And you draw these patterns, and they help you not to vegetate at these meetings, to concentrate and at the same time split in two. Again, motor skills, you draw, on the other hand, you are present at the meeting, you hear, you concentrate, while you are relaxed. And the issues that come up seem so simple. In general, putting problems on paper helps me in difficult issues. Hands write, draw, decorate shade, but the head works!
76. Hello, America! 2022
Canvas. Oil. 30 by 40.
I have a friend, America. Not a country - a person. And it's not his nickname. Surname is real, written in the passport. Checked. And we were with him on a trip to the Kola Peninsula. Beauty, I must say. And he climbed onto a sheer cliff. Sits, contemplates. And I told him from below: "Hello, America." And he waves me with his hand. And I think it's beautiful. As an eagle sits on a rock, in his thoughts. There is no "Hello America" for him, what is he thinking about? About the sea? About women? About work? About children? Maybe he dreams of flying, or for example, to catch a big fish? But it still sits nicely. Hello, America! He's waving. Beautiful.
77. Bullshit Set. 2022
Canvas. Oil. 80 by 60.
I was at an art exhibition. And there were a lot of posters for sale. Scrolled through. I saw this work. I really liked it. Couldn't help it. I liked it and that's it. Have I bought it? No, I didn't buy it, but I photographed it. It was a long time ago, but the photo was not deleted. Accidentally saw it while looking through pictures. And I stuck on it. There was an irresistible desire to look at it. That's how I liked it. The original was made by the author in crayons, my interpretation is in oils. In general, these are different works, of course. Therefore, the picture has a co-author. I don't know his name, he has a strange signature. I repeated the signature on the back of the work, as I saw it. If the author sees the work and be surprised, then: Dear or respected, do not be surprised! Yes, you have inspired me. Thank you for that.
78. Dandelions (Lollipops). 2022
Canvas. Oil. 60 by 80.
Dandelions or lollipops? That's the question. I wanted to portray, somehow peculiar dandelions. Well, I don't know why. From the very beginning, I knew that there would be dandelions. And I drew them like dandelions, and imagined them like dandelions too. It seemed to me that these are dandelions. People began to come and watch. They say: Oh, lollipops! Someone else comes: oh, lollipops. Well, in my childhood, at most there were some cockerels or just rounds, but for such candies ... But people keep saying: lollipops, yes lollipops. I thought, well, it would not be right if I did not add the name lollipops to dandelions. Therefore, dandelions for some, and lollipops for others.
79. Behind the dream. 2022
Canvas. Oil. 90 by 70.
I want to grab it so much, this dream, this desire, this star. We all want to catch this lucky chance. Anyone who says it's not true is lying. No one has ever caught a star. Well, unless, of course, we talk about the so-called "star disease". Well, seriously: a person walks around the planet, sees a falling star, makes a wish. Will it be fulfilled? Maybe it's not in the star, but in ourselves. Maybe we ourselves are the fulfillers of our desires, we ourselves commit deeds, actions, exploits, mistakes. What's with the star? And yet, I want to catch it so much. And we stretch our hands to the stars. And they are always far away. It's good that we aim for the stars. People without desires, without dreams, are probably not people.
80. Playing volleyball or catching the sun. 2022
Canvas. Oil. 60 by 80
Игра в счастье. Правила игры.
Все люди хотят быть счастливыми. Счастье – это нечто яркое, светлое, большое, горячее. Как солнце. Но истинный секрет быть счастливым человеком – это делиться своим счастьем с другими, передавать его, как пас в волейболе. И удивительно, насколько схожи правила – командная игра, держать мяч в воздухе, передавать своей команде, не брать в руки, находиться в постоянном движении. Судьба все время дает нам эти «мячи» и их бесчисленное множество!

Ведь счастье – оно не одно, его много! Намного больше, чем всех нас. И у каждого оно свое.

Работа наполнена аллегорией от заката до рассвета, всю жизнь мы передаем друг другу «пас», и мы счастливы только в процессе этой игры.

81. Nastya. 2022
Canvas. Oil 60x50.
Есть у меня очаровательное знакомая, зовут её Настя. Девушка очень тонких настроек, с горящими глазами. Добрая, душевная, чистое создание.

Она совершенно погружена в творчество, ей всё интересно, она во всем видит только добро. Вот такой живёт на свете человек. Чем больше таких людей будет, тем добрее и прекраснее станет мир. На таком порыве мне захотелось сделать её портрет.

82. After the steam room. 2022
Canvas. Oil. 80 by 60
Уже много раз я признавался в своей любви к бане. Баня – это что-то особенное, что-то всегда душевное. Когда выходишь после парной, после второго, третьего захода – так вот укутываешься, ложишься на диванчик, и хорошо: такое опустошение и одновременно наполнение. Нет суеты, мир становится огромным, все отходит на второй план. Хочется жить, творить, мечтать, но чуть позже. А сразу после парной- никаких мыслей, никаких бед, проблем, работы, никакой вечной погони. Такое умиротворение, спокойствие. Можно прикрыть немножко глаза, сложить ручки. Чудесное состояние – чудесное состояние после парной.
83. The Scribe is coming. 2022
Canvas. Oil. 80x60.
84. Novy Pomor. 2022
Oil, canvas, 70x50.
85. Democrat. 2022
Oil, canvas, 60x50.
86. Territories. 2022
Oil on canvas, 60x80.
87. Winter is coming soon. 2022
Oil on canvas, 50x70.
88. Bros. 2022
Oil on canvas, 70x100.
89. Darling, I'm leaving you! 2021-2022
Oil on canvas, acrylic, 80x60.
90. Spring on Lake Rizza. 2022
Oil on canvas, 80x100.
91. Morning, frost and three deer. 2023
Oil on canvas, 60x80.
92. Eggs of the Cosmos. 2022
Oil on canvas, 80x60.
93. Gallery. 2022
Oil on canvas, 60x80.
94. Avatar. 2022
Acrylic, canvas, 80x60.
95. Sunflower. 2021-2022
Oil on canvas, acrylic, 50x70.

96. Speed. 2022
Oil on canvas, 80x60.
97. Spring will come. 2021-2022
Oil on canvas, acrylic, 60x40.
98. Ivan tea and the sea. 2022
Oil on canvas, 60x80.
99. Rains. 2021-2022
Oil on canvas, acrylic, 50x70.
100. Oranges. 2022
Oil on canvas, acrylic, 50x60.
101. Snail and midge. 2022
Oil on canvas, 60x80.
102. Snowfall. 2022
Oil on canvas, 60x80.
103. Thinkers. 2022
Oil on canvas, 70x90.
104. My fish. 2022
Oil on canvas, 60x80 Frame 74x94.
105. Wing. 2023
Oil on canvas, 80x60.
106. Interaction of planets. 2023
Oil on canvas, 60x80.
107. The exodus of the crows from Moscow to London. 2023
Oil on canvas, 60x80.
108. Freedom. 2023
Oil on canvas, 60x80.
109. Environment. 2023
Oil on canvas, 80x100.
110. Face. 2022
Oil on canvas, 80x60.
111. Seasons. 2022
Oil on canvas, 80x80.
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